University Of Calgary Tucfa Collective Agreement

Yes. The new PDAC is a registered union with a collective agreement unit representing all post-docs working at the University of Calgary, regardless of their employment status. The university salary component of the university`s budget is such that it can easily be seen as a target for cuts. However, academic salaries, whether in the context of an arbitral tribunal or a non-tariff regime, always involve market factors and comparisons that at least partially fuel expectations. The first point was related to the 「provincial mandate.」 In overturning the arbitration award, arbitrator Andy Simms explicitly rejected the University of Calgary administration`s position that a 「provincial mandate」 can be used to repeal the provisions of a collective agreement or that it should play a role in arbitration decisions. In his analysis of the administration`s argument, he writes that very shortly after the switch to providing distance learning during the winter semester, we negotiated, in collaboration with the Faculty Association of the University of Calgary, an agreement providing for an automatic one-year postponement of the application process for university staff with appointments required (academic staff are not obliged to take the postponement if they take the course). normal). Our agreement with the Faculty Association reaffirms our commitment to the principles of academic freedom and confirms that the Intellectual Property Directive continues to apply as mentioned above. We are working hard to implement the increase as quickly as possible. Given the complexity of retroactive salary processing, this will take some time and we want to ensure accuracy. We assume that all legitimate scientific collaborators will receive their retro-remuneration during the first payment period in October 2020. The updated A and B calendars of the collective agreement are published on our website here. If you have any questions about this, please contact your hr Academic Advisor or

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