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Win-Win Project, however, indicates that even if people can`t afford a translation individually, they can do it together! And that`s what we want to do in a win-win system: a crowdfunding platform that allows people to band together just to pay for the kind of quality translations that only professional human translators can provide. The process is simple, explained in four steps in our introductory video: with quality marks as a political instrument No, Kevin, I think it`s fair to say that I see things as you do. As I believe I have said in different places that I find shameful that the overall quality of everything that is there over the years (an inevitable consequence of the increase in numbers, IMHO), and at the same time I respect (otherwise) Henry`s decision to focus on maximizing sales. 「Forfeiture」 would indeed be a reasonable description of a word. @Sandra: I do not find your comment offensive. 🙂 I can understand your point, as I myself was a paying member just over a year before my membership was terminated for various reasons (some of which I explained above). For beginners (especially those who have no other qualifications, such as for example. B member of professional associations or others – I myself was in this category), it may indeed seem that the procedure is the only way to start. And it can be scary to complete the procedure if you`re not yet sure if you`re finding enough other customers. Would I tell newcomers to avoid protes at all costs? No no. can vote and take whatever he wants. Overall, I find ProZ a useful resource, and a resource that is worth my annual subscription at $85 (at the most recent exchange rates). That would be unfair because I didn`t do it myself.

But what I really recommend is to think about what you need and why you think you need a procedure. Log in for a month or two, use bulk purchases to get all the software you need, check the directory to collect all the agency addresses you need, check the BB for whoever you want to leave. But after a month or two, ask yourself if you really need a procedure.