Sophos License Agreement

`expiry date` means the date defined in the Annex. 「royalty」 means the royalty for the licensed products and support costs (if applicable). 「License Term」 means the term of the License as defined in clause 3.2 of the End User License Agreement. 「Licensed Products」 means all or each (depending on the context) of the programs listed in the Appendix, as well as the documentation and all updates and updates of these programs. 「License Fees」: the amounts you pay for a license to use the Licensed Products for the duration of the license. 「Maintenance」 means upgrading and/or upgrading/or upgrading together. or updates (if applicable for the licensed product) and technical support or advanced technical support if you have paid a support fee. 「media」 means objects on which data may be stored, including, but not limited to, CD-ROMs, tapes and floppy disks or other media containing the software provided by Sophos. 「Product」 means the Media and Software. 「Calendar」 means the calendar that sophos provides to you, which from time to time contains certain details regarding your use of the Licensed Products and which is part of this End User License Agreement. 「server」 means a computer on which the License Product is installed and from which other computers receive or retrieve data, PROVIDED that a computer is not a server that is a single computer, to which other computers receive or retrieve data, and such data is generated exclusively by the Licensed Product. 「Server License」: the maximum number of servers (if any) that, according to the schedule, are allowed to run the license product at any time….