Service New Brunswick Lease Agreement

Yes. Two individual copies of the standardized rental agreement, called a residential rental agreement, must be available and signed by the lessor and tenant for all types of rentals. In the event that the lessor and the tenant have not signed the lease, its conditions will continue to apply to the rental agreement and there will be a monthly term. The residential rental form can be purchased online on the Service New Brunswick website. In New Brunswick, the termination of a fixed-term lease is reason enough to terminate the lease. The contract expires on the date set out in the rental agreement. The lessee does not automatically have the right to continue leasing the property after that date, unless there are prior negotiations on the renewal of the lease or the lessor accepts payment for the lease of the property after the end of the temporary lease, which is not the case in most other provinces and territories. The lessor is not obliged to give notice to terminate a rental agreement if it ends on a given date; a fixed-term lease ends automatically at the end of the period. to terminate a monthly lease agreement, a full one-month lease period is required; in the case of an annual lease agreement, a total of 3 months must be terminated.

The termination of a long-term lease (5 years or more) assumes that the tenant gives the lessor a period of one month. The lessor must indicate a period of 3 months and a valid reason for terminating the rental agreement. The reasons for termination are the arrival of a family member, major renovations, modifications of buildings for commercial or recreational use. Landlords have the right to enter a tenant`s premises in an emergency situation, but must notify 24 hours in advance for inspections and 7 days in advance for repairs. The housing rental agreement provides information about the authorized entry after a tenant has requested repairs in their unit. If this is the last month of a tenant`s rental term and the lease allows it, a lessor can enter the premises between 8.m and 8 p.m. to show the property to potential tenants, except on Sundays and holidays. Yes. Smoke restrictions, similar to pet restrictions, are tied to the premises and not to the person. If there is a non-smoking clause in a rental agreement, this may prohibit the tenant from smoking in the unit, but this does not mean that he cannot be a smoker.

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