University Of Alabama Roommate Agreement

We will make every attempt to fit you and a favorite roommate; However, we cannot guarantee an immediate agreement. If you have a roommate preference, you and your favorite roommate: learning to get along with others is an important part of a university education; That`s why we encourage roommates to try to develop their differences before requesting a room change. It is not common for roommates to become best friends. You should take this opportunity to create friendships with other students while building a good relationship with your roommate. You should be respectful of each other and be comfortable when you live together. It`s natural to be nervous. A roommate agreement is a great starting point for your roommate relationships. If you think about it at the beginning of the year, it can help to establish mutually agreed expectations and create a starting point for discussions in the event of a year-long conflict. Your contact information with the fellow inmate will be emailed to you with your mission. Once you have received your roommate`s information, you can email them. This gives you the opportunity to learn about each other before living together.

Let`s talk about the benefits of a roommate! If the roommates don`t agree on something, they should take the time to talk about it, communication is the key. To support this process, THE RA will work with residents to complete the roommate agreements. A roommate agreement is a document intended to guide and support new and experienced roommates in the process of setting standards for common housing. Communication is the most important factor in building good relationships with your roommates. Through cooperation between them, a roommate agreement can help to begin the process of discussing topics that have often been found as sources of conflict. Don`t forget to be patient. All fear should go away if you and your roommate know each other better. This may be the first time that one of you has shared a room 9. Ask THE PR, counselling, residential life, etc. before the situation becomes critical. Advice for you/your roommate can help you manage stress and find better ways to manage the situation.

Create a free account on off-Campus Housing Portal with your Crimson email address and create a roommate profile to search for potential roommates. If you continue to have conflicts with your roommates, explore available resources that offer help. A step-by-step guide to difficult discussions and constructive conflicts with your roommates. The process of applying for cohabitation/selection in myHousing allows you to form a group of 2 people. Newcomers who choose a triple room can form a group of 3 people. Through this process, you will be kept informed of the status of your group by email. A person creates the group in myHousing and is a group leader. The group leader sends an email invitation to his or her requests. Other participants must accept the invitation to join the group or refuse the invitation. Group members receive an email update every time a change is made to their group. The deadline to update your roommate preference is May 10, 2019 at 5:00 p.m. We strongly recommend that you do not wait until the last day to complete your groups of roommates.