Swiss Master Agreement For Repo Transactions

III. CUSTOMER COMMERCIAL CONTRACT 1. PURPOSE OF AGREEMENT This agreement provides for the establishment of an (s) access (s) for the customer (hereafter referred to as 「Customer Trading Access」) with CFD Capital 6 (ii) (iii), if the buyer is domiciled outside Switzerland, is subject to the amount of compensation that the buyer must pay to the Swiss seller, as well as to all other rights and withholding obligations subject to Swiss rules on borrowings and loans of securities and the tax barks attached to them. If the buyer is domiciled in Switzerland, the amount of compensation to be paid by the buyer to the foreign seller (if any) and, if necessary, in accordance with applicable Swiss rules. 16. Priority to buy-in-master contracts The retention of the SIS allows the signing of two framework contracts on a multilateral basis by each party: the Swiss framework contract for re-board operations and/or (ii) that contract (GMRA and Swiss annex). If one party has signed the two buy-and-take contracts referred to in point 16 above. In this Swiss annex, unless there is an agreement to the contrary between the parties, apply: (ii) If the parties to a transaction are both established in Switzerland, the Swiss framework agreement applies to re boarding operations. If one or both parties to a transaction do not have a domicile in Switzerland, the agreement applies. The signing of an agreement mentioned in paragraph 16. this Swiss annex by one party does not affect other pension agreements concluded or that it can already enter into with the same consideration.

In this case, any transaction between the parties is subject to the other master-of-buy contracts executed, unless the parties have agreed otherwise. 6 Compensation Terms for Eurex Clearing AG Page 1 (Chapter I General Provisions Part 1 General Rules Part 1 General Rules () 1.5 Settlement of Transactions (1) Eurex Clearing AG is co-contractor for all deliveries PRIVATE FOREIGN CURRENCY EXCHANGE EUROS (EUR) FOR US DOLLARS (USD) Bank to Bank SWIFT MT103 This agreement on currencies and the three (3) ancillary schedules are registered 5. Swiss withholding tax on price differences If the seller is a bank in Switzerland within the meaning of swiss bank or withholding tax and the buyer is neither a Swiss bank within the meaning of Swiss banking law, nor a foreign bank or a regulated broker, then the price difference to be credited to the buyer is subject to withholding at Swiss source.