Define A Rebate Agreement Type

Audit Levels: Whether the system indicates all billing credentials in the discount agreement on which the rebate is calculated, or whether it indicates the amounts based on the payer, etc. Explain the discount agreements in the sale of the process. Arrangement Calendar A schedule of arrangement defines the end of the validity period for a discount agreement and also helps to extend the discount agreement to the next period. SAP makes available the RV15C005 report for the extension of discount agreements to future periods. You can access it via the transaction code VB (D). It is possible to see an overview of the conditions already present in other discount agreements that have the same combination of keys (customer/material, debitor/discount group, etc.). Partial Compensation This field indicates the type of contract SAP must use when a discount agreement is to be partially counted. When you run the partial counting process, SAP uses this type of proof to create a credit requirement for the partial offset value. The SAP discount mode configuration offers standard BO01 to BO06 pastry types for use with discounts. The attitude that distinguishes the types of reduction conditions from other types of prices is the packing class. For discount types, the packing class is C. For these conditions, fewer fields must be filled.

This value in the condition class ensures that the discount mode cannot be processed by any of the price reservations such as VK11 and VK12. price conditions, access sequences and condition tables used in discounts. Step 2.3: Assign condition groups to discount types Type of Agreement 0003 (customer discounts) This type of agreement allows condition rates based exclusively on the debtor and uses a percentage for calculation. The customer is the payer. As with 0001, a reduction material must be indicated. Retroactive processing of rebates: You can create a discount contract for which the start date of the validity period is in the past. The system takes into account all the billing documents related to the reduction established between the start date of validity and the date you created the rebate contract. In addition to the credit requirement, the system automatically creates a corrective sales document (type B2) for this amount. Create the discount agreement in the usual way. The system recognizes that the rebate agreement is retroactive.

Delete discount agreements: – Enter the 「no」 to the discount agreement you want to charge. And tap Entry – Select 「Accord ® Delete,」 the system asks you to confirm the deletion. – Press enter to remove the discount agreement. – Result: the discount agreement obtains the status `C` (established billing) Automatic renewal of discount agreements: Your system administrator is responsible for setting a timetable for extending discount agreements in customizing the type of agreement.